Beyond Omega

Beyond Livestock
/ Omega Balance 1:4 feed, the start of innovation in livestock industry

Nowadays, when everyone is producing food using new technology and new method, we started to search for answers in nature for the feed that livestock consumes. Beef, pork, egg, milk, cheese and butter made with milk which used to be food are reborn into new food through Sunseo Omega 3 feed. Green Grass Bio produces healthy feed using patented original technology. Livestock food produced with special feed and healthy food will progress for your health. 

Beyond Generation
/ Rules that must be remembered for healthy life (1:4 ratio recommended by WHO)

Omega Balance feed contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 within WHO’s recommended ratio of 1:4. The Omega ratio within livestock fed with special feed also falls within 1:4. The Golden Ratio of 1:4 livestock food will pioneer healthy future by carrying on the health of livestock and human to the next generations. 

Beyond Food
/ Diseases that cannot be cured by food cannot be cured by medicine. – Hippocrates-

Omega 3 is the safest and greatest medicine discovered from nature. Omega balance Food will become the source of innovation that protects the health of mankind, beyond the boundary of ordinary food. 

Healthy life starts from healthy food

Honest food research company pioneering the health of mankind

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