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I’m Shin, Seung Ho, CEO of Green Grass Bio. 

We are a MediFood company that has developed based on the corporate ideology that health can be restored and maintained with food, instead of modern medicine and new drugs through natural healing.  

Green Grass Bio Co., Ltd. was dedicated to organic livestock based on eco-friendly agricultural breeding techniques for a long period of time but the public sentiment pointed to livestock as the cause of metabolic diseases. Thus, we believed that the cause of diseases wasn’t livestock and that changes had to be made from the feed of livestock in the producer stage of the food chain.  

We have researched and developed Omega Balance feed containing more than 32 types of agricultural by-products instead of corn feed and have received patent for it. In addition, we have enhanced the quality of livestock products and are equipped with competitiveness.  

All products obtained from livestock raised with Omega Balance feed (beef, pork, eggs, dairy products etc.) can replace ordinary food and can be consumed as diet for treatment in patients, healthy food for preventing diseases in ordinary people and nutrition for growth in young children and youths, ultimately restoring and maintaining health.  

We will foster innovative food technology to prevent diseases and for unconstrained life, will position ourselves as the pioneer of MediFood market that can be enjoyed as much as possible and will take a step forward In food medicine.  


CEO   Shin, Seung Ho

Green Grass Bio Co., Ltd.

Head office: 53, Judeoknonggong-gil, Judeok-eup, Chungju City, Chungcheongbuk-do  

TEL : +82 43-848-3140

FAX : +82 43-857-2546

E-MAIL : green-grass@naver.com

Seoul: 5th Fl., 226, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul   

TEL : +82 2-6205-2525

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E-MAIL : green-grass@naver.com