History of Greengrass Bio

____  Business Status     ____  Status of Research and Development


+ Launched regular subscription product as MediFood Home Care Service

+ Changed company name (Green Grass -> Green Grass Bio)

+ MOU on joint business between Beomsanmokjang, Patgodang MediFood

+ Discussed about joint business of MediFood with Jeonnam Dragons

+ Discussed about joint business of MediFood with Zambia Embassy

+ MOU on joint business of MediFood with EDGC

+ MOU on joint business of MediFood with Juk Story 

+ Registered Patent in Japan 

+ Established company affiliated Institute of Food and Medical Science certified by the Ministry of Science and ICT 

+ Opened dairy product plant in Chungju

+ Supplied Chop Steak HMR products to Emart 24 convenient store

+ Launched brand specializing in MediFood such as “Dr. on the Table”, “Dr. Farmer” together with doctor

+ Clinical study on MediFood for preventing inflammatory diseases (Yonsei University Severance Hospital) 

+ Clinical test for developing HMR type of MediFood for preventing chronic metabolic diseases (1st completed)

+ Clinical study on MediFood for treating auto-immune diseases (Massachusetts State University)

+ Registered paper in SCI grade international journal (Preventive treatment for inflammation, brown fat, atopy)  


+ Launched traditional American-style steakhouse jointly with Emart24

+ Opened Seoul Office 

+ Certified as 1st A-Ventures by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

+ Exported Omega feed in Valley Oak, Kansas City, Missouri, USA

+ Korea Society of Food and Nutrition Jeju Symposium 

+ US National E-Library of Medicine PubMed Central (PMC)(The ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6 controls fat and insulin resistance and metabolic dysfunction)

+ Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs National Policy Task <Organizer of government policy task on development of MediFood for chronic metabolic diseases> Designation for technology development of future type of food and clinical research

+ Published paper <Prevention of chronic metabolic diseases> in Baltimore World Nutrition Society  


+ Rural Development Administrator Award

+ Missouri state Government in USA launches Omega brand (Valley Oak)

+ Established local branch in Nebraska, USA and exported Omega feed

+ Launched Sunseo Omega 3 Cheese/Yoghurt 

+ Launched Sunseo Omega 3 Pork 

+ Grand Prize for 2018 South Korean Industry by Money Today 

+ Completed the construction of Chungju Plant 1, Plant 2 

+ Research and test on Black Angus/Dairy farming in University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA (Research fund supported by State University in USA)


+ Designated as representative underwriting for public listing (Mirae Asset Daewoo Securities)

+ Supplied Omega pig feed to Korea Pork Producers Association (Boyeong) 

+ Supplied Wooseong feed to Chilbo Nonghyup  

+ Grand Prize in agriculture and bio field for new creator in South Korea  

+ Launched Sunseo Omega 3 milk 

+ Transferred head office (Jecheon -> Chungju)

+ Certified as Venture company 

+ Joint research on Omega 3 at University of Neberaska-Lincoln

+ Chungbuk national University, Hansalim Industry-academia research on high unsaturated fatty acids Korean beef


+ Created 300,000 pyeong of roughage production complex in Philippines

+ Application for trademark for Only One Natura/Sunseo brand

+ Supplied Omega feed to Chungju Livestock Industry Cooperatives

+ Established feed plant in Jecheon, Chungbuk and secured business site (38 ac) 

+ Feed patent applications (4types)

2014 - 2015

+ Minister of Agriculture an Forestry Award (Best Award for Business Model Contest)

+ Designated as company for Sejong Center for Creative Economy & Innovation

+ Established Green Grass

+ Supplied feed to Livestock Industry Cooperatives (Chungju)

+ Supplied roughage feed with ROY company in Philippines  

Green Grass Bio Co., Ltd.

Head office: 53, Judeoknonggong-gil, Judeok-eup, Chungju City, Chungcheongbuk-do  

TEL : +82 43-848-3140

FAX : +82 43-857-2546

E-MAIL : green-grass@naver.com

Seoul: 5th Fl., 226, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul   

TEL : +82 2-6205-2525

FAX : +82 2-6205-2524

E-MAIL : green-grass@naver.com